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The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s Class 2 Medical Certificate is less rigorous that the class 1 medical clearance, and is mostly issued to private pilots, students, and others as required.

This is a CASA issued medical clearance and is internationally recognised.
Flying is a lot of fun, but if you are not fit and well there can be significant consequences. SAR Aviation Medicine shares your passion for flying and getting you safely in the air is our priority.

You will need to pass a category 2 medical exam to be eligible for the following pilot licence categories:

  • Commercial Pilot (Balloon) Licence
  • Student Pilot Licence
  • Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • Flight Radio Operator Licence

At SAR Aviation Medicine, we will help you with arranging the required tests, so that your consultation is straight forward. Contact our Melbourne DAME for further questions or book your Class 2 Medical Examination here

For more information about the tests required for a category 2 medical certificate visit our FAQ page.

A Class 2 medical certificate is typically valid for four years up until 40years old and 2 years after that. Depending on your age or other circumstances this may vary.

For commercial flying, refer to the Class 1 Certificate page.

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