About Us

Dr Sean Runacres is a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) for CASA and is passionate about flying. He has been working on his Private Pilots Licence (PPL) for about 20 years and is very close to finally finishing it!!!

In his previous life, Sean has worked in ambulance, banking, baking, as a milkman and in retail. He left all that behind to train in medicine in 2008 and currently works in various hospital roles, undertaking international medical retrievals, providing after hours GP care and conducting aviation medical clearances for CASA. He spends his spare time with his three year old daughter and newborn son.

In addition to the Australian Certificate in Civil Aviation Medicine, which authorises him to assess pilots and air traffic controllers for CASA, he has completed the Advanced Practical Aviation Medicine course with Monash University. This course was run within the Singaporean Air Force and provided practical experience and training in G-forces, spatial disorientation, night vision and ejection seat training.

He understands the desire to fly, and that for many of his clients, the medical clearance is also the clearance to put food on the table, feed the family and put a roof over their head. While there will come a time when CASA declines to issue a medical clearance, Sean will work tirelessly to ensure that all avenues have been exhausted before this decision is made. His job is to ensure that you keep flying, safely, for as long as possible.

If you have any questions, please call him or email him via the contact page. Sean manages all appointments and responds to contact requests as soon as practical.

 Dr Vichai Chu works as an airline pilot and works as a DAME in his spare time, combining both professions. He holds a particular interest in aviation medicine.

His most memorable medical rotation was in remote medicine, where he flew most days of the week to treat Aboriginal communities on Tiwi and Goulburn Islands, working alongside The Royal Flying Doctor Service and CareFlight to aeromedically retrieve critically ill patients.

Presently, he operates the Boeing 777 on long-haul routes with an international airline. He has also flown the TB10, DA40, DA42, and CAP10. As a pilot who undergoes annual line checks and medical examinations, he appreciates the importance of a pilot’s health to their career.

He enjoys the regular flying and the travelling that comes with the job. On his days off, he conducts aviation medical examinations for fellow aviators. He spends his spare time at the gym or at the dojo.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the medical.