Why Choose Us?

We’re Pilots As Well

Our DAMEs aren’t only medical professionals: they’re pilots themselves, who care about supporting your aviation journey and making sure you have the best experience you can whilst in the air. Our unique experience allows us to fully understand the importance of medical certification, and ensuring that all pilots are safe and ready for flight.

Human Assessment

Our ECGs aren’t read by a computer: they’re read by a CASA-recognised aviation cardiologist. This ensures that no computer errors are made concerning your results, and you can be medically cleared far sooner, with no risk of delays caused by computing failures.

On-Site Testing

We can do hearing, pathology (blood tests), and ECG testing on site, drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to get you flying. Our in-facility resources mean that we are able to deliver the best care possible, and eliminate the need for you to see a variety of different and time-consuming specialists.

Please see our pricing on these services.

Proud Supporters of Progress

Our Medical Review Officers are proud supporters of HIMS, and are dedicated to assisting pilots in continuing to fly whilst dealing with substance issues. We recognise the importance of dealing with these issues medically and supporting our pilots, and are equipped with the necessary knowledge to support pilots in the HIMS program.