• I am new to flying, which class of medical certificate do I require?

A lot depends upon your long term goals. If there is a chance you will undertake any form of commercial licence, then I recommend that you start with a Class 1 for the first test. This will ensure that you know of any issues that are likely to complicate future Class 1 certificates. Subsequent to that, you will only need to undertake the Class 2 until such a time that you need your Class 1.

  • How long does my medical certificate last?

A Class 1 medical lasts 1 year. If you are older than 60 and fly under an ATPL, a medical test lasts 6 months.
A Class 2 medical lasts 4 years if issued under the age of 40, otherwise 2 years
A Class 3 medical lasts 2 years

At all times, CASA may reduce these time frames if individual circumstances warrant greater surveillance.

  • I have a medical condition, how will this affect my medical certificate?

At a Medical Examiners Conference in March 2018, CASA advised that it processes approximately 28,000 applications a year. Of these, approximately 90 were declined, which is just over 0.3%. Chances are, your medical condition has been seen by CASA before, and there is a way to ensure that you can either obtain, or continue to fly with your medical condition, provided it is stable and has a low possibility of an unexpected outcome.

Pilots who have extensive experience and a new, debilitating disease processes are often still able to fly, albeit with restrictions in place that do not prohibit flying commercially.

  • What are the components to testing?

Class 1 Medical Certificate &  Class 3 Medical Certificate
At the time of being offered an initial medical clearance, the following tests are required

  • Blood tests
  • ECG
  • Audiology
  • Ophthalmology

For subsequent medical exams the following requirements are:

  • Blood and audiology tests are required on on the 5th and 10th birthdays (e.g. 25, 40 etc)
  • An ECG is required every 2 years for a class 1 until 40 years and then annually.
  • For a Class 3 an ECG is required every 2 years.
  • An Ophthalmology review is required every 2 years after the age of 60.

Class 2 Medical Certificate
No specific testing is required unless a medical condition requires ongoing review.

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