Human Intervention Motivation Study

HIMS monitoring and mentoring program

HIMS, or ‘Human Intervention Motivation Study’, is an optional program for pilots who suffer from issues with substance abuse. It carries an 85-90% success rate in treating dependence and preventing relapse.

Many common situations for pilots – such as long-haul flights, isolation during overnight stays, and easy access to alcohol – put them at a higher risk of developing a dependency issue than other Australians.

HIMS and HIMS-like programs already have high success rates in the USA and New Zealand, and can help pilots with substance issues get back in the air much faster than they would alone.

HIMS Australia Advisory Group

How does HIMS work?

HIMS seeks to connect pilots to a network of professionals with experience in supporting and treating people struggling with substance use. HIMS treats addiction as a disease, and recognises that connecting a patient to the right people for their case is a key step in having the pilot back in the air sooner.

The HIMS program encourages the pilot to be responsible for their own sobriety, and works with their DAME, their employer, and their family to encourage a successful recovery. It treats addiction medically, and treatment plans vary from person to person.

How do we help?

We support pilots who are battling addiction, and offer our services to help pilots manage and overcome their substance dependencies. We recognise that these issues are not a character flaw, but a legitimate medical issue that needs to be treated as such.

Following treatment, we can help you begin the process of medical re-certification with an appropriate class of medical clearance.