I am new to flying, which class of medical certificate do I require?

A lot depends upon your long term goals. If there is a chance you will undertake any form of commercial licence, then I recommend that you start with a Class 1 for the first test. This will ensure that you know of any issues that are likely to complicate future Class 1 certificates. Subsequent to that, you will only need to undertake the Class 2 until such a time that you need your Class 1.

How long does my medical certificate last?

A Class 1 medical lasts 1 year. If you are older than 60 and fly under an ATPL, a medical test lasts 6 months.

A Class 2 medical lasts 4 years if issued under the age of 40, otherwise 2 years

A Class 3 medical lasts 2 years

At all times, CASA may reduce these time frames if individual circumstances warrant greater surveillance.

I have a medical condition, how will this affect my medical certificate?

At a Medical Examiners Conference in March 2018, CASA advised that it processes approximately 28,000 applications a year. Of these, approximately 90 were declined, which is just over 0.3%. Chances are, your medical condition has been seen by CASA before, and there is a way to ensure that you can either obtain, or continue to fly with your medical condition, provided it is stable and has a low possibility of an unexpected outcome.

Pilots who have extensive experience and a new, debilitating disease processes are often still able to fly, albeit with restrictions in place that do not prohibit flying commercially.

What are the components to testing?

Class 1 Medical Certificate &  Class 3 Medical Certificate
At the time of being offered an initial medical clearance, the following tests are required

  • Blood tests
  • ECG
  • Audiology
  • Ophthalmology

For subsequent medical exams the following requirements are:

  • Blood and audiology tests are required on on the 5th and 10th birthdays (e.g. 25, 40 etc)
  • An ECG is required every 2 years for a class 1 until 40 years and then annually.
  • For a Class 3 an ECG is required every 2 years.
  • An Ophthalmology review is required every 2 years after the age of 60.

Class 2 Medical Certificate
No specific testing is required unless a medical condition requires ongoing review.

What are the costs involved?

That depends on a number of factors.

Medical assessments cost $245 – this is the cost for a Class 1 or Class 2 without further testing required. Medical assessments conducted on weekends or evenings are $275.

If you attend the assessment without having undertaken the CASA online assessment or cancel within 24 hours there is a $100 cancelation fee.

For an extra fee, I can come to your office or place of residence. This can be negotiated depending on notice, distance travelled and timing of your appointment.

Urgent appointments may be able to be achieved, please contact me by telephone to discuss.

As listed above, the common tests are:

  • Blood tests:  For the basic blood tests, these are organised through Melbourne Pathology. These cost $77 and will need to be paid at your appointment. Tests can be undertaken onsite during your medical (no further charge), or if this is not convenient, at a Melbourne Pathology Collection Site ($33.).
  • ECG: I perform these onsite during your appointment for a fee of $143.
  • Ophthalmology (eye tests): You will need a CASA authorised opthamology report. CASA qualified opthamologists can be found here.
    (Please note CASA keeps changing the link. Please let me know if its not working).
  • Audiology (hearing tests): I am able to offer audiology screening on site during your medical assessment. These costs $77.

Ophthalmologists set their own individual fees. Please check the costs prior to proceeding.

Please note that complex case management will incur extra fees.

Formal advice on medication compatibility with flying, the best course of recovery after a procedure or similar medical advice incurs a $100 fee.

If you have any further questions, please contact me via the contact page